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Kosmonavtov Pr., h. 6э

Altai Region, Barnaul

Boiler Plant

Control fittings. Configuration data sheet

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Technical requirements
Nominal diameter at the inlet DN, mm
Nominal diameter at the outletDN, mm
Excessive pressure at the inlet Р1, MPa
Excessive pressure at the inlet Р2, MPa
Medium temperature Tmax, °C
Working medium
Maximum working medium flow Gmax, t/h
Minimum pressure differential at the maximum working medium flow, MPa
ПConnected pipeline (DнxS), mm
(Dн - outer diamete, S - wall thickness)
Mechanism type for the item control
Climatic version, placement category according to GOST-15150-69
Тип корпуса
Actuator explosion protection
Number of items ordered (N), pcs.
Special requirements and requests