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Pressure-Compensated Control Disk Valves of Type 23с

The pressure-compensated control disc valves DN 80-200 of type 23с are intended for the control of the working medium flow or pressure.

The medium flow through the valve is regulated by means of changing the area of passage section, which is achieved when turning the spool with regard to the seat.
They are not used as shutoff devices.

Designation DN, mm Рр, MPa Weight without Electric Actuator, kg
23с-80-1-Э 80 - 69
23с-80-2-Э 80 - 69
23с-100-1-Э 100 - 74
23с-100-2-Э 100 - 74
23с-150-1-Э 150 - 498
23с-150-2-Э 150 - 498
23с-200-1-Э 200 - 508
23с-200-2-Э 200 - 508