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Temperature Control Angle Disk Valves of Type 24с

The temperature control angle disc valves DN 20-65 of type 24с are intended for the steam temperature control.

They are used for the control of steam superheating temperature on boilers, reduced steam temperature in DS, PRDS, FRPRDS of power generating units and other pipelines, as well as on continuous blowdown pipelines.

Designation DN, mm Рр, MPa Body Material, Steel Weight without Electric Actuator, kg
24с-20-Э 20 37,3 20 45
24с-32-Э 32 37,3 20 45
24с-40-Э 40 37,3 20 45
24с-50-Э 50 37,3 20 45
24с-65-Э 65 37,3 20 45