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Electric Actuators

The built-in electric actuators of series: 825, 876, 854, 792, 793, 794, 795, 797, 768, 798 are intended for the control of isolation and control fittings of TPS.

The core type electric actuators of series: 821, 822, 824, 825, 876, 1280 are intended for the remote control of isolation and control valves under operational conditions not allowing application of built-in electric actuators.

The electric actuators enable the following actions:

  • Closing, opening and stopping in any intermediate position of a locking device of fittings from the control board and in manual mode.
  • Automatic switching-off of the electric motor:
    - when the locking or control device achieves the established boundary positions;
    - in extreme positions and in the intermediate position at the moment of stroke of the gate element when achieving the rotational torque on the driving shaft higher than the set one.
  • Local and remote indication of the locking device position.
  • Electric blocking of the electric motor in case of manual control of the fittings.
  • Remote signaling.

The electric actuators are controlled according to the electric circuits. In case of manual control, the valves are closed through turning the handwheel to the right and opened through turning the handwheel to the left. The translation of motion happens through the worm gear using a roller.

Installation position:

  • A built-in electric actuator shall be directly installed on the trolley of valves. It consists of a single throated worm gear, an electric motor, a hand control blocking unit and a box of limit and position switches.
  • A core type electric actuator shall be installed on the mounting pole (column). It consists of a single throated worm gear, an electric motor, a hand control blocking unit, a box of limit and position switches and a joint coupling shaft.