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Kosmonavtov Pr., h. 6э

Altai Region, Barnaul

Boiler Plant


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Production according to TR 28.14.20-006-15365247-2016

The built-in electric actuators of series: 825, 876, 854, 792, 793, 794, 795, 797, 768, 798 are intended for the control of isolation and control fittings of TPS.

The electric actuators enable the following actions:

  • Closing, opening and stopping in any intermediate position of a locking device of fittings from the control board and in manual mode.
  • Automatic switching-off of the electric motor:
    - when the locking or control device achieves the established boundary positions;
    - in extreme positions and in the intermediate position at the moment of stroke of the gate element when achieving the rotational torque on the driving shaft higher than the set one.
  • Local and remote indication of the locking device position.
  • Electric blocking of the electric motor in case of manual control of the fittings.
  • Remote signaling.
l1, mm: 127
D, mm: 220
d, mm: 105
L, mm: 1162
Applicability to Fittings Maximum Torque on the Output Shaft of the Electric Actuator at ПВ=15%, N•m Nominal Torque on the Output Shaft of the Electric Actuator at ПВ=25%, N•m Rotational Speed, rpm Power, kW DN, mm L1, mm l, mm b, mm d+t, mm Motor Model H1, mm Weight without Electric Actuator, kg
Shut-off 1800 0 21,3 4,25 0 474 50 18 113,8 АИРС100L4У3 460 183

The electric actuators for gate valves are designed for operation in a short-time mode, the frequency of starting per an hour is not more than 6 times with the cyclic duration factor (CDF) of not more than 15%. The turning-off of the electric actuators happens in case of complete closing/opening of gate valves, i.e. when the overcurrent relay is activated.

The electric actuators for the control valves are designed for operation in an intermittent revertive operation mode with the number of switchings up to 320 per hour and the cyclic duration factor (CDF) up to 25% in case when the load on the output shaft is equal to the nominal one. At the same time, the electric actuators shall enable operation within 1 hour in an intermittent revertive operation mode with the number of switchings up to 630 per hour and CDF up to 25% with subsequent repetition not more than in 3 hours.

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