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Production according to TR 3740-002-15365247-2004

Installation position: on horizontal and vertical pipeline sections with the medium
direction from the top downward.
Pipeline connection: welded connection.
Climatic version: У, УХЛ, ХЛ, Т according to GOST 15150-69.
Placement category: 2, 3 according to GOST 15150-69.
The valve control is carried out with the help of multi-turn built-in electric
actuators with a current position sensor.

L, mm: 400
H, mm: 1700
h, mm: 1575
D, mm: 109
D1, mm: 146
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DN, mm Рр, MPa Tmax of the Medium, ºC Body Material, Steel Working Medium Operating Stroke, mm Max. Steam Flow at Critical Pressure Differential, t/h Max. Kv, m³/h F, cm² TQ, N•m, maximum torque at spindle plug Designation of the electric drive N, kW t хода, с. Weight without Electric Actuator, kg Full Weight, kg
100 23,5 250 20 Вода 10 7 36,3 9,5 217 ПЭМ-Б2У 0,55 24 163 203
DN - Nominal Diameter
PN - Nominal Pressure
P - Pressure
Tmax - Maximum Design Temperature 
Mкр - Spindle Torque
t - Response time
μ - Fluid Flow Coefficient
h - Valve Stroke
Kv -
Throughput Capability
F - Seat Area
ζ - Resistance Coefficient

The slide control valves are used at heat power engineering sites for the control of the working medium flow or pressure.
The control is performed by means of changing the passage area, which is achieved through translational movement of the slide gate.

The maximum pressure differential on the valve is limited.

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